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The day before the day before a New Year of 2017: Remembering St. Kyle Jennings​

Tomorrow, Dec 31 - it will have been one year since Kyle died. I'm pretty sure.

A half burnt cigarette and a heart filled with tears

As I smoke my cigarette and stare at the christmas lights that wrap around my back porch I can't help but ponder about how symbolic this smoke is for my short life.

Vote for Jesus. Not for Christians.

I’d like to talk in a general way. Not in a specific way. This is where I am landing this morning as I ask myself the question, “Is it wise to name names?”

Race, Police, & The Bridge of Compassion

An accidental act of compassion two days ago is haunting and bothering me deep in my soul.

Whiskey, Cigarettes, & R-Rated Christianity

I should confess that I am a Christian, but I’m often not the type of Christian the way religious folks want me to be.

Celebrating my Failure of NOT being on SNL – Previously published Blog

Yesterday I found out from my manager that I will NOT be flying to NYC to do a live audition for SNL. After I had heard the news, I went out to celebrate.

Ragamuffin Retreats

The Background Story Hello, I’m David & I’m a Ragamuffin. As I begin to do an entry here to describe to you what “Ragamuffin Retreats” will be and what our hopes are for this experience, I can’t help but to be overwhelmed with gratitude. So let me begin with thankfulness. Because out of our gratitude...

Shame on me

I was talking with my friend, Kathy Sprinkle, this morning and I joked with her as I have with a few friends in the last month and said…I have heard the words “Shame on You” more in the last few months from “Christians” than I have in my entire life…all I had to do was...

Brave Heart

I am watching Braveheart as I type this. Yeah, I have a.d.d., but I write because ironically what has saturated my prayers lately is literally the title of this movie, “God give me a brave heart.” I think often what stands in the way of absolutely everything of what I really want is that while...

“Long nights and Bad Hotels”

  This is a photo of the old church by Rich Mullins house in Belsberg, Tn. This photo is all that remains. The building was torn down. I don’t know why, but I think of this photo all the time. The movie started with this church. I day dreamt about the movie starting with this...

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