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I will let God love me.

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Love God. Love Others. Only by allowing God to love you.

Lord, I invite You to know me.

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God is asking to know you.

Running with Jesus

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I use to think running the race of faith well met crossing the finish line in the top third with the least amount of falls, scrapes, and poop in my shorts
Now, I think running the race well means savoring the run more than the finish.

Faulted Cries

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When I think of my approach to God in my times of trouble, I am generally aware how much of my trouble I brought on myself. Sure, I am aware sometimes my troubles come upon me from other people or by effect of living in a broken system called humanity where evil things happen. But…


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by The Ragamuffin Preacher The shape of your life will be in direct correlation to the shape of your heart.  This is the redundant and life giving message that echoes throughout all of Christian scripture, helpful and healthy theology, gospel communities, and Divine contemplation. Oh, but much easier said than done, right? For me, it…

When Shame Shows Up

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In the past, shame had a key to my life and could freely come and go. Over the past few years, I evicted shame and changed the locks. But that doesn’t mean shame doesn’t still show up at my door, eager for an opening.

Welcome, ragamuffins.

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This is the place for everyone, not jus the perfect.

Noisy tapes and the Love found in silence

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A tape is playing in my head this morning. And it’s not the first time I’ve heard it. And, sadly, it won’t be the last.

The day before the day before a New Year of 2017: Remembering St. Kyle Jennings​

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Tomorrow, Dec 31 – it will have been one year since Kyle died. I’m pretty sure.

A half burnt cigarette and a heart filled with tears

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As I smoke my cigarette and stare at the christmas lights that wrap around my back porch I can’t help but ponder about how symbolic this smoke is for my short life.

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