In or around Atlanta july 8-20???-Rich Mullins Film

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Hey Friends and supporters of the soon to be movie…

Thank you for all your patience and support. From the bottom of our hearts thank you.

So we are coming to Atlanta to shoot some of our film. We are also going to be in other states as well. Soon we will post the ‘RICH MULLINS MOVIE TOUR DATES’…that’s right…we will be going on the road and shooting different scenes at different churches…details to come…maybe you can join us and be in the crowd…

For now we have different needs/locations we are trying to find in or around the ATLANTA, GA area. So we are going to throw out a list. Maybe you don’t live in GA, but know someone who could help …family…friends…or maybe you have a location or need you could help with?

If you can help or know someone who can have them contact our team at:

Here’s our list:

1. Radio Station: An older looking radio station that would have the feel of the mid 90’s

2. Recording Studio: Nothing new, or modern, but maybe an older one, or even just a building that would have the appearances of a recording studio, with offices, conference room, mixing room etc…

3. Gas Station.- A privately owned or mom and pop type place.

4. Motels- 2-3: We need the old school motels, privately owned or not a big chain…a place where we could rent several rooms and have the permission to shoot interiors and exteriors.

5.Lodging: We are looking for a university dorm type situation were we can have 2 rooms from July 5-7, and 10 rooms from July 8-20…

6. Vehicles: We need 1980s-1990’s JEEP Wrangler-Green for us to buy, An RV for us to rent/buy, a 15 passenger van for us to rent/buy

7. Small Town Movie Theatre. Inside to be able to use the Markee and inside the theatre.

8. Class room (maybe at the university where we stay:-) we’d like to shoot a scene there..

9. Offices? We need a place to office from June 20-July 27…for wrapping up casting, and other misc. fun stuff…any ideas friends? your church or organization?

10. FARM HOUSE. Okay this is one of the big ones, and a bit complex. So we need one location that fits multiple needs. We need to shoot here 2-3 days. We need it to have a Barn, nice open fields, we need to be able to shoot in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, porch, out in the field, it would be even an added bonus if there were older tractors there:-) We would need the permission to dress up the place period style. So wither were looking for a really cool family to let us take over their place for a few days OR maybe someone selling an empty property that has a vacant house etc…

11. OKAY, now this is a bit complex. Seperate from the farm house. We are going to need 3-4 houses that we can shoot different scenes in Rich’s life. His house, or friends houses etc…So we need

-A two story house, with a living room, kitchen (70’s looking perferable), porch, basement, sparse looking attic or room…

-A two story house(90’s)-with a few emptyish rooms upstairs, one we can sort of turn into a nursery, and an empty room, a living room, a bedroom (or empty room we can turn into a bedroom), porch, driveway

-Another house-90’s-living room, porch, emptyish room…

So basically can we come take over your houses? we will pay you:-) or maybe you are a real estate agent that can come let us rent your vacant homes that fit this period movie we are trying to do…


Either way, we would love you to put the word out to Atlanta folks …we’d love your help…

if you can email me at:


much thanks,


David Schultz

email us at: if you can help.

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  1. If you are ever a little North of Atlanta, ……near Kingston , TN., we might able to help with the two-story house. There is no need to pay us. There is also a small-town theatre nearby, and a small community college. Just let us know if you find your path leading to TN.
    ~Kim Waggoner

  2. 4. Motels- 2-3: We need the old school motels, privately owned or not a big chain…a place where we could rent several rooms and have the permission to shoot interiors and exteriors.

    If you check out Cobb Parkway between interstate 75 and AllGood Road, there are a few motels that are not big chain ones. I do not own, or know the people that own these, just that they are not big name places and they look like something from the past. lol. I hope that is helpful.

    White Columns
    801 Cobb Parkway North
    Marietta, GA 30062
    (770) 423-0347

    Travelers Motel‎
    807 Cobb Parkway n.
    Marietta, GA 30062
    (770) 428-7424

    Sun Inn‎
    871 N Cobb Pkwy NE
    Marietta, GA 30060
    (770) 422-0169

    Arrival Inn Marietta
    919 Cobb Parkway North
    Marietta, GA 30060
    (770) 590-8300

    There is also a small town looking theater in a shopping strip in Marietta, GA. The shopping center is at the intersection of Canton Road, and Blackwell Road. There is also the one that is in Marietta Square

    Strand Theatre
    117 N Park Sq NE
    Marietta, GA 30060
    (770) 293-0080

    Other then that I’m afraid that I am unable to help out. If I owned a farm I would be offering it up in a minute! But I’m afraid that I’m simply in an apartment complex.

    Hope that information is helpful!

  3. I left a message about our RV a few weeks ago. We live in Ellenwood, GA and go to the First Baptist Church of Ellenwood, I believe our Pastor sent a few pictures of it. It is a 1985 Allegro, great shape on the inside. Face book us or private message me and I will send you phone numbers. I am already a friend of David’s on FB. God bless y’all and your efforts. May this film be successful.

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