Want To Help the “Rich Mullins Movie” ???

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So I know we are approaching Christmas and everybody is super busy, but I wanted to put a little bug in your ear before the new year.

Starting January we will be hitting the pavement, and working hard to get ready to shoot June 1st.

Yes, we are still looking for financing, and the latest update is there are both individuals and companies we are in talks with to do that, but we have faith that we will get the rest that is needed.

That being said we are going to NEED lots of HELP!

We aren’t sure where we will be shooting yet, but WHERE we shoot might be partially up to you. We know that apart of our shooting will take us all over the country, but as with most movies, the majority of our film will be shot in one state. The states we might shoot in are: Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois.

If you live in any of those states (OR OTHERS), especially if you fit the criteria. Please email us at the appropriate email address below.


Some of the major needs we will have our as follows.

1) Locations: Churches, Old/New, and everything in between. Radio Station, Farm Houses, Corn Fields, etc…More locations will come with specific criteria in the new year…but if you have something in general that might fit….please attach pics of the exteriors and interiors and .EMAIL US AT:

2) Extras: We will have a lot of concert style scenes, and general scenes where we will need a ton. This actually may be the hardest. Even though we have heard from many of you how you would like to be an extra in the movie. Committing to doing this can be difficult. It will be likely that there will be ONE WEEK, where we will do the MAJORITY of our crowd scenes where we need extras. So whether its one person, a few people, or a church that will commit to coming out and being extras we will sure need it….EMAIL US AT:

3) Crew: Because we have lowered our budget we will need volunteers, and crew members that are willing to work for less than they deserve. We don’t know how much we can pay as of right now, but what we are looking for right now, is people that feel passionate about being apart of this movie that are willing to volunteer and or work for cheap because they either want to be apart or feel called. If you do contact us, please specify what you desire to do and if you feel skilled/qualified for a certain position. If you have a resume please attach to the email….EMAIL US AT:

4)Equipment: So we have some of this already provided or at a discounted price. But we are planning on shooting on the Red Cameras, using a variety of Epics, Red 1, Scarlet etc…we will also need a large multi-ton g/e truck, generator, jibs, cranes, dollys, helicopter shots…if you don’t know what some of this stuff is…you’re probably not who we are looking for. If you do and feel called to help, or give us a special discount….well, we sure could use it….EMAIL US AT;

5) Props/Picture Cars: Since our movie covers different periods of time, we will need a mixture of picture cars (cars used in movies) and a variety of props (list to come months later), that might be very specialized and hard to track down. You might have one of these nifty items, and let us have, rent, or purchase from you….For those that fit into this category keep an eye out for our updates in the new year…EMAIL US AT:

6) ACTORS: Many of you want to act: we will be looking for the best of the best, but maybe you are it.

7) DONATIONS: Many of you have contacted us about donating or have other questions regarding financing. If this is you EMAIL US AT:


You may not hear from us right away, please include your contact info, all the necessary details needed.

Lastly, we can’t thank you enough for your support and prayers. We hope you are excited as we are for this movie.


David Schultz

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  1. Hi,

    We’ve been in touch before, but want to let you know that I have a farm in McCordsville, IN that I will make available to you. I have a farmhouse for sale on the farm that I need to sell, but if it’s still available when the time comes, then you can use it however you like, even set up shop in it. (I guess you could rent it or buy it now to hold it! 🙂

    I got to be good friends with Rich back when I worked on tour with Amy Grant, where Rich was the opening act for one of the legs of the tour, ‘85 or ‘86. The tour ended in LA, and he cashed in his airline ticket to Nashville, and drove back with me in a truck, (I did the merchandising.) I later played keyboards for him for a few one off shows. I’m excited to see this movie made, and if I have the time, I will help in any way, volunteer crew, extra, merchandising, marketing etc…

    I’ve been in touch some with Ed Fry in months past. If you choose to shoot in Indiana, I hope to offer with any help, assistance, and location possibilities.


    Mark Apple
    Apple Family Farm
    3365 W State Road 234
    McCordsville, IN 46055

  2. David. It’s Robin Woodson again. I meant to say that I would donate the concert t-shirts if they could be auctioned off or something in order to raise funds for the movie project. Whatever I can do to help would be great.

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  4. My husband and I live about a half an hour from St. Louis, in Illinois. We have an old farm house that’s been updated, a 1964 farm truck, and other things my husband says could be offered for the movie. Just tonight, I noticed (for the first time), that you may be needing actors/actresses that would be extras. I saw Rich 13 times in concert, and (as most of his fans) felt like I was the most devoted one. 🙂 Whether that’s true or not, I DID have a way of being a pretty obnoxious fan. (Ask Mitch McVicker.) I have at least fifteen concert t-shirts that could be used for the movie if needed. Anything else I COULD do, I WOULD do. Blessings on you for your hard work in this endeavor.

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