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I remember talking to a Pastor in LA, and talking about feeling lost, and he gave me some advice. Advice that I still hold onto today, like a sentimental scrap piece of paper that holds both nostalgia and deep wisdom, that you treasure if don’t outright verge on worship. Not that, that’s a bad thing, as long as what you’re worship, at the center is ultimately Christ.

The advice he gave me was that when he feels lost, looking for meaning, he’ll find a way to serve, to do something for somebody else, but the example he gave put a microscope on the heart of serving someone else, directly to the heart. The simplistic example he gave was cleaning someone’s toliet with a toothbrush, and he said just focus on that, focus for a few seconds on just that one spot, that one dirty spot, and making it clean, not for yourself, but for the one who’s toliet your cleaning, and somehow this simple act of service will draw your heart to peace.

In days of both pure excitement, and hardship, I pull out this memory and remember what I feel is truly the heart Christ, loving others is the best way to love yourself, enjoy life, attain a pure joy and peace for your life.

Be God’s

David Leo Schultz

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